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Certainly, you have in some dusty closets or in some drawers smelling of adolescence, things that send you back in time and speak of a former life. More certainly, you kept as memory stories about those things. It does not matter if your story is sad or happy, if you are the main actor or if it is about your dear parents, grandparents, or neighbors. You don’t have to give names, exact dates, or sign them with your full name. We just want the emotions, the atmosphere, the feelings, we want that “something” of your story from communism and your life then.

Here you have all the details about Our Campaign. Sign up here! TALES FROM COMMUNISM MUSEUM is about you too!


As we mentioned in the About Us section, Tales from Communism Museum is about and for the people. As such, it will work as a social enterprise, using the profit to fulfill its social mission.

We need your support to open this museum and you can actually help in a very easy way by buying in advance one or more entries to the museum. You will become a trusted comrade of the Tales of Communism Museum and we will wait for you to visit us, bringing the confirmation email you got. So see you at the MUSEUM! It is your MUSEUM too!

You will help to the opening of the museum but you will also contribute to a social cause - our mission of supporting children from vulnerable groups to integrate socially through dedicated programs.

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