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Who is Father Cold? Why would our grandparents keep empty deodorant sprays on the mantel in the living room? Why would most of us have a glass fish placed on a crochet tablecloth on top of the television set or a mini ballerina trinket in a display case around the house? What is an “alendelon”? Why are the elderly still bringing bribes to a doctor’s visit? Why is still good to know someone who knows someone?

It is for the foreign visitors who might have heard of Ceausescu, of House of People, of Nadia Comaneci, even of the communism political system, but who have no idea what it means to queue for bread or to risk your life crossing the Danube on a volleyball tightly held between one’s arms, with only the clothes one’s wearing and the hope for a better life...

It is for the younger generations of Romanians, who might have heard family stories ( from parents or grandparents), who have the historical data, but who lack a general perspective that can help them understand this time of history and find answers to many questions…

It is for the generations that lived during communism. They are the main actors. They have the objects, they have the stories, they lived through it all. And they are still here, with us, with objects that are important to them and life stories that MUST BE SAID!



Alina Beteringhe

Ioana Bejan-Roată

Alina Beteringhe, anthropologist and documentary film producer, and Ioana Bejan, entrepreneur - we grew up in the shadow of communism, with our childhood memories tight closely to the cards for weekly bread and the special hours for electricity and water. We wanted to open this museum in order to start a dialogue and to contribute to the non-formal education of the visitors, hoping that through the stories and memories of one generation, the ones today and tomorrow will find answers of their own.


We want to bring a new model for museums in Romania, one that will contribute to non-formal education through interaction, emotion, and involvement, both of the society in general but also of the local authorities, and media.

We will run Tales of Communism Museum through CINCINALA Ltd, a social enterprise, that has to redirect the profits towards a social mission selected by us. We decided to support children from vulnerable groups and to help them integrate into society through special programs, camps, trips, visits to museums, etc.

Our five-year plan is for the Tales of Communism Museum to become one of the most important touristic spots in Brasov, making enough profit to grow the business and, consequently, the social mission and impact.


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